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Happy Creative Arts Therapy Week (March 16-22)

Please come join us for 3 FREE Dance Therapy Classes This Saturday March 22nd
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We are a Therapeutic Creative Arts Program that offers a variety of Dance/Movement Therapies, Psychotherapy, and Counseling Services to Children, Adults, and Elderly with Physical and Mental Challenges.

Our programs focus on establishing a Safe Environment that will nurture the individuals’ ability. Within this environment, each client is encouraged to express themselves through Dance/Movement, Art, and Music. Our clients progress within one’s own limits, and function at a Higher Level while Unlocking one’s Greatest Potential.

Our goal at IRIYA is to help individuals who are generally healthy as well as those in need of special care, to regain a sense of well-being by experiencing the fundamental unity of the body, mind, and spirit.



Upcoming Workshops


Love Yoga? Come join Brigitta's classes! She is bringing her expertise in working with prenatal and children's yoga to our studio!!

- Teen Dance, Yoga and Wellness for special needs   Click Here
- Prenatal: a conscious bonding and birthing program
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- Parent-Child Yoga, Movement and Dance: 4 -10 months approximately
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